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Services | Tecnoteam deals with engineering services for the industry
Attraverso le fasi di Feed, Basic e Dettaglio.

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Tecnoteam is equipped with the know-how to design any type of system from the earliest stages.

He has the skills to be able to perform a series of calculations and analyzes such as to allow the maximum yield of the chemical and physical processes typical of plant engineering, in relation to the needs and conditions expressed by the customer.

The studies may include several phases, in relation to the customer’s purpose, costs and time for carrying out the activity; from pure conceptual to feasibility, to arrive at the definition of all project data and related costs, in order to be able to issue any calls for tender.

These activities are better listed below:

Study and choice of the parameters of matter and energy, definition and elaboration of the balance sheets

Strength and stability checks of pipes and flanges, in relation to the design parameters

PFD, P&ID processing and related mechanization

Definition and processing of line specifications, based on project data

Data-sheet processing of equipment, regulation and safety valves

Basic design of the plant, plot plan, equipment arrangement

Management and assistance to the customer for the coordination of the offers of the various Vendors

In this field, Tecnoteam is able to organize a series of engineering services for the design of all those accessory elements that are not part of the process, but which make up the plant, guaranteeing solidity and stability of the plant, in relation to the regulatory parameters. in force.

Reinforced concrete bases and slabs, metal support structures such as pipe racks, facilities such as stairs and service floors for access and maintenance of the system, buildings and warehouses.

All the structures, metal and reinforced concrete, are calculated through the choice of several dedicated software, according to the specific requests.

The activities described above are listed in detail:

Structural Calculus Relations

Loads on foundations

Lifting Schemes and Calculations of the C.o.G.

Preparation of documentation for civil engineering or other bodies

Presentation of documentation for civil engineering or other bodies for obtaining building permits

Represents the phase that follows the process engineering; that is, the transition from the conceptual analysis of the different stages of the process to the concrete design of lines, equipment, plants and package systems in their entirety.

During this phase, the typological and functional characteristics of each equipment or system are defined, providing for the relative mechanical connection and location in the system. Icona di Verificata con community

Equipment list

Line list

Equipment Technical Data Sheets

Definition of nozzle orientation on equipment

Assembly and detail drawings of piping lines

Piping isometric designs

Stress Analysis Calculations

Sizing and positioning of piping supports

Drafting of the material list

Drafting of technical equipment purchase specifications

Drafting of technical specifications for painting and insulation

Drafting of PED manuals

Piping development according to the following methodologies:

ASME flanges and components

API flanges and components

UNI flanges and components

SAE flanges and components

Parker EO24° e EO60° flanges and components

Graylock flanges and components

Flanges and internally coated components

Flanges and internally ceramic components

DIN 11864 flanges and components for food use

Victaulic Flanges and Components

GRE Fiber glass Flanges and Components

Electro-welded PE flanges and components

Given the complexity of the plants treated and the type of substances used in them, Tecnoteam is generally involved in the definition of the risks deriving from fire and explosion, as well as in the definition of systems for the prevention, detection and extinction of such events.

Calculations by definition of the extensions of classified areas

Assembly and detailed drawings showing the classified areas

Definition and sizing of automatic extinguishing systems

Technical Data Sheets detection and alerting equipment

Assembly and detailed drawings of detection, alert and extinguishing systems

Drafting of purchase technical specifications

Machine and equipment design according to customer specifications.

Study of dimensions and movements

FEM calculations

Search for standard components on the market

Non-standard component design

Safety and maintainability evaluation

Use and maintenance manual

Evaluation of maintenance and spare parts cycles

Design and design of pressure equipment

Design and design of storage tanks

Drafting of PED and / or CE manuals

In recent years, the desire for innovation and the certainty that plant maintenance, updating and revamping activities will become increasingly important business choices in the near future, have led to approach, develop and deepen this type of service, through the aid of equipment. most advanced technologies that can currently be found on the market.

On-shore, Off-shore and naval field surveys

Point cloud alignment

Joint and several reconstruction of the interested parties

Intelligent solid reconstruction for ESA-PRO and / or PDMS – E3D

These activities are managed by us in partnership with external staff

The regulations and specifications in the field of industrial design are innumerable, we make a short list of the main ones where we have a deep knowledge for study and normal use:


ASME B31.1 Piping typically in power generation station

ASME B31.3 Piping typically found in petroleum refineries; chemical, pharmaceutical

ASME B31.8 Piping in transporting products that are predominantly gas between sources and terminals

ASME VIII Boiler and pressure vessel code

PD 5500

ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges from NPS ½” through 24”

ASME B16.47 Large diameter flange from NPS 26” through 60”

ASME B16.9

ASME B1.20.1 Pipe Threads

Direttiva 2014/68/UE Directives for pressure equipment

DIN 2429 Graphic symbols

DIN EN 45510 Manual for procurement of equipment for power plant, pipelines and fittings

EN ISO 6708 Pipeline components, definitions and selection

ISO 2944 Fluid technology, nominal pressure

DIN 2403 Disegnation of pipelines

DIN EN 13480 Metallic industrial pipeline

PAS 1057 Classes of pipe for processed equipment

DIN EN 10216 Seamless compressive stressed pipes

DIN EN 10217 Welded compressive stressed pipes

DIN EN 10028/10222 Sheet material and forging

DIN EN 3183/10208 Pipes for gas and flammable liquids

DIN EN 10253 Welded fittings

DIN EN 10380 Corrugated metal hoses

DIN EN 14585 Corrugated metal hoses for pressure applications

DIN EN 14917 Compensators with metallic bellow for pressure applivcation

PAS 1010 Manual for the ordering and production of pressure equipment

DIN EN 1092 Round flanges per PN

DIN EN 1514 Gaskets for flanges with PN designations

DIN EN 1515 Bolts and nuts

DIN EN 1591 Rules for the construction of flange joints with round flanges and gaskets

DIN EN 1759 Round flanges for pipe identified by class

DIN EN 12560 Gaskets for flanges with class designation

DIN EN 13555 Gasket s parameter and test procedure

ISO 15608 Welding Guidelines for a metallic material grouping system

NACE MR-01-75 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Material for use in H2S

ENI regulations

NORSOK Normative Norvegian Petroleum Industry

IOOC Rules Off Shore platform Iranian Offshore Oil Company


UNI EN 1990 Basis of structural design

UNI EN 1991 Actions on structures

UNI EN 1992 Design of concrete structures

UNI EN 1993 Design of steel structures

UNI EN 1994 Design of composite steel and concrete structures

UNI EN 1998 Design of structures for earthquake resistance

DM 2008 Technical Standards for Construction 2008

Noble Denton 0027 Guidelines for the design and approval of marine lifting operations

API RP 2A Recommended Practice for Designing and Constructing Fixed Offshore platforms

AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel

AISC 360-10

AISC 335-89

Perforation and Off Shore

API RP 2A Recommended Practice for Designing and Constructing Fixed Offshore platforms

API 4F Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures

PB 08-624-03 Russian Safety rules in Oil and Gas Industry

API 6A Specification for wellhead and Christmas tree equipment








Machinery and equipment

API 650

Fire and safety

NFPA Fire Protection Standards: Fire protection systems using water, carbon dioxide, halon, foam

NFPA 85 Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards code


AVEVA E3D – Token


AUTOCAD Mechanical ver.2018

INVENTOR ver. 2018


NAVISWORK ver.2018


PRO-E (in concession Drillmec S.p.A.)




SAP 2000






Recent Works

Some professional experiences useful to tell the multidisciplinary engineering approach that Tecnoteam has adopted over the years.