Tecnoteam srl
Industrial Engineering

The Company carries out engineering services, operating in the On-shore and Off-shore Oil & Gas sectors | Chemistry | Energy and Environment | Perforation | Food and Pharmaceutical | Naval | Skid & Packages. Tecnoteam’s corporate know-how allows to operate in the field of multidisciplinary engineering in ISO 9000 certified quality, carrying out activities ranging from Basic design to workshop construction drawings, through the related activities of project management, procurement, construction assistance and assembly, commissioning and site survey, for which reference should be made to the relevant section which summarizes the various specializations and technological-operational characteristics.

Tecnoteam was born in December 2000 following the will of 5 technicians, who for a long time carried out the plant design activity at other companies in the sector that mainly operated in the “Oil & Gas” field, to combine their experiences and make them available a new business project.

Since December 2002, the team has been reduced to 4 owners, and over time has strengthened its potential by adding new technicians to the workforce and consolidating collaborative relationships with various professionals and specialized companies, thus being able to develop a multifunctional structure, which allows the specialized activity in the engineering field in many sectors.

Recent Works

Some professional experiences useful to tell the multidisciplinary engineering approach that Tecnoteam has adopted over the years.